“The planet has some 125 Million 18 year olds. My dream is that all of them would do one year of planetary service (to begin with) – I see it as an orientation and confrontation year. Think 250 Million hands — one year. They could move mountains, literally.  It would be at the same time the sort of ritual which has been there forever: Leaving home, seeing the world, finding yourself.” — Rembert Biemond

What is it?

  • A starting international movement of people, projects and organisations working towards a regenerative, sustainable, peaceful and humane future. Uniting efforts, strengths, networks and resources to give voice, make more visible and expand the ripple effect of creating a sustainable and regenerative future.
  • We promote volunteering to young adults (18-35) and at the same time, create a network of projects and organisations from all around the world that are working towards a peaceful and regenerative future and would like to receive volunteers to help out with their cause. The volunteering contribution is exchanged for food and accommodation from the hosting projects.
  • We act as a support system for the participants throughout their experience by offering a mentoring framework to enrich their experience even more (e.g. having weekly online meeting with other participants to reflect and create a community between them; personal assistance when needed, and much more).

Our objectives

1. Reach as many young people from the age of 18 to 35 years old in the world.

2. Offer a meaningful and hands-on experience, in projects and organisations that are fully committed to work towards a solution for a challenge that the Earth and/or the Human Society is facing. While having intercultural exchanges in the places they volunteer.

3. Offer a support system to the participants throughout the year where they can deepen their experience by reflecting, sharing, learning new resources, etc. And where they can lean on if anything doesn’t go as planned.

4. Work to be as accessible as possible to anyone regardless of their financial reality.

Going deeper into Planetary Service

About us

Imagine, if every year, thousands, or even millions, of young people would spend a year in voluntary service of the earth and their fellow human beings…

The team

As we develop the project, our team grows and evolves, right now we are a small visionary group. Come and meet us

Get involved

Whether you want to be a participant, need some hands to help your project out, or feel like funding, we are very pleased to show you the way in which you can get involved.

Meet our Hosting Projects


Hosting projects Embercombe Volunteering area: Earth Location: Higher Ashton, Exeter, Devon EX6…

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Hosting projects Kitigay Volunteering area: Earth Location: Beaconia, Manitoba, Canada Short description:…

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Hosting projects Urveera Volunteering area: Earth Location: Chakulia, Jharkhand, India Short description:…

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Recent News

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Our team gets bigger

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Contacting new collaborators

Contacting new collaborators This last weeks we got our first contact with our new collaborators: World Social Initiative Forum (WSIF) and World Goetheanum Association (WGA). We are very excited to…

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Design Phase final steps

Design Phase final steps We are finally reaching our final steps with the Design Phase of the project that started at the beginning of 2022. More News © Planetary Service,…

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