As a volunteer

For the prototype we are looking for the Planetary Service pioneers. We aim to reach 10 to 30 committed young people between 18 to 35 years old, willing to do a one year experience of volunteering in one of our volunteering areas, while recording it in some kind of creative way (video, writing, photography, etc.) and also open to develop the idea together with us by giving feedback and input throughout the experience ending with a final review and evaluation process. If you consider Planetary Service as something you’d like to be involved in and help further develop, APPLY HERE!


For planetary Service to be possible we need projects and organisations committed to solving Earth and/or People Care challenges that are willing to host the Planetary Service participants.

We want to contact and connect with volunteering programmes that already have projects partnered with them, as well as with projects and organisations that want to offer themselves to host Planetary Service participants. We see ourselves as providers of volunteers and as a movement to which these programmes and projects can join and continue the work they do, with the addition of being able to offer a Planetary Service certificate to their volunteers and give even more value to the volunteering experience. Further, Planetary Service hosting projects will become part of a greater network of people and projects working towards similar goals.

Examples of Earth volunteering area projects:

  • Organic/regenerative farm,
  • Land restoration projects or tree planting projects,
  • Marine and ocean conservation organisations,
  • Animal sanctuaries/shelters/rescue projects,
  • Sustainability projects,
  • Planet activist organisation, etc.

Examples of People Care volunteering area projects:

  • Projects for the elderly, the children, the sick or the physically and/or psychologically disabled
  • Communities for people with disabilities (e.g camphills)
  • Projects or organisations focused on socially excluded people or projects that work with abused women, vulnerable collectives/people, etc.


And of course, we need the energy that allows all of it to happen, so we are also looking for potential funders that commit to this planetary movement and provide the capital energy to keep it going and expanding. Our goal is that there is a fund/support available for those to whom partaking in Planetary Service is limited by finances, we are committed to accessibility and recognise that financial accessibility is not equally distributed.

You can donate through the following backing details:

Account holder: Stiftung Evidenz

Adress: Gerbergasse 30, CH – 4001, Bassel, Switzerland

Bank Adress: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank, Christstrasse 7, DE-44789, Bochum, Germany

Account Number: IBAN DE81 4306 0967 4013 1144 00

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