Projects/Organisations Application Form

We are very excited that you are applying to be a Planetary Service project host! Here you have the application that we ask all the projects and organisations to fill up. We first want to make sure that you have read the Vision Document and the Project Criteria Document. It is very important that everyone who wants to apply to be a Planetary Service project host have first read throughly to this two documents so that they are full aware of what they are about to apply to. 

You will see an asterisk to some questions, it means that they are mandatory to answer to be able to send the application

We will be honored to consider your participation at Planetary Service, we will get in contact with you once you have applied.

Thank you very much for your time and willingness to be part of a volunteering movement for a sustainable future.

Next group of participants: March 2024

In order to bring this initiative into the world, the organisers plan to first run a one-time pilot version, to prototype the idea with 10-30 young people for a period of 10 months (starting in March 2024). For this tryout, we are looking for collaborations that directly support the pioneer group and the prototype year and guarantee a smooth and great experience for all involved, in order to allow the project to learn and adapt in an agile way.

The prototype participants will consist of the pioneers of the project: Young adults who are engaged and willing to contribute to a rich documentation of their experiences in diverse forms (video, writing, art, etc), as well as open to developing the idea together with the Planetary Service team throughout the year and after their Planetary Service experience by giving feedback, input and being part of an evaluation process.



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