Planetary Service’s debut at Initiative Forum 2023

On the 24th of February, part of the Planetary Service team travelled to YtterJärna, Sweden, to make the first public announcement of the movement. We participated in the Spark to Flame Initiative Forum that the current Youth Initiative Program (YIP) participants organised. There were about 60 people attending the forum and we were able to present our project, Planetary Service, to some of them on the Open Space slots during the afternoon, as well as talking about it with many others during informal times like meals, break times, etc.

It was a pleasure to do the launching of the project publicly at YIP as many of the Planetary Service team are alumni to this program, it felt right to do the first presentation there. There were also many potential Planetary Service participants since many Initiative Forum participants were young adults. We did two formal presentations during the five days of the forum. Doing so reassured us that the project was coming into the public eye. We got lots of good feedback that helped us motivate even more, as well as put attention to points that needed more clarity and further consideration. It was great seeing how people got excited about Planetary Service and finally sharing this bursting project with more and more people. We were also able to make some very good connections with people that might be interested to join the prototype year that starts next September, as well as potential collaborations.

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