“Angelica Village in an intentional community that provides a home and a place to start over to refugees, people at the edge of society, homeless, immigrants, etc.”


Volunteering area: People care and Earth

Location: Denver, USA

Short description:
Angelica Village is a community of people who commit to supporting each other in daily life and in reaching their potential. In our community, most members live in separate homes, with the exception of the foster youth who live together in one home and young adults who live in an independent living home. There are 12 households in the community. The premise of Angelica Village is that long-term, intentional community and intensive support programs are key determinants of overall well-being and health.  Angelica Village supports six dimensions of health (personal, financial, vocational/ educational – enrichment, physical, mental /relational, physical health, and spiritual).

Community Members include youth and families seeking refuge from war and violence, including refugees and immigrants, individuals and families who have experienced homelessness or lack of stability and fellow community partners who bring their social capital and support.

Main activities will include: 

  • Participate in meal planning, cooking and cleaning up
  • Help beautify the indoor and outdoor spaces by ongoingly cleaning/providing maintenance etc.
  • Help coordinate/support transportation needs for all partners
  • Plan and implement childcare and youth activities
  • Be available/flexible to meet the daily needs of the community as they arise (planned and unplanned)
  • Work collaboratively with youth, adults and families to ensure the proper supports (practical/social/emotional) are in place for each live-in partner to work towards/achieve their goals in life and thrive in the community
  • Engage in committee work of interest (garden and grounds, festival/social, spiritual, youth, welcoming/departing, finance)
  • Engage in restorative practice rhythms and conversations involving youth and adult partners living in the community
  • Work with board members and volunteer partners as to assist in securing/increasing future funding
  • Connect with initiatives citywide as to support community partnership, collaboration, partner mentorship and support in engaging with and reaching goals
  • Develop and maintain supportive services including food, clothing, diaper, hygiene and household item pantries

Specific information/requisites:

– We are looking for a long-term volunteer (10 months) to come and work with us in Denver, USA as a member of our community.

– Volunteers will live in the community in our main home that houses a couple of families and our young adults. 

– Volunteering hours include weekends and evenings but can be flexible and contained within the required hours per week (20-30h/week).

– There will also be training and educational opportunities.

– Valid driver’s license or ability to get one is strongly desired. 

– Angelica Village is a live-in intentional community so is not structured like a typical program-focused non profit organisation.

– We all have something go give and that we all need something to support us in our life and that in Angelica Village we serve and support each other mutually.

Helpful attributes:

  • Passion and fortitude for overcoming systems of oppression in the slow work of day to day life
  • Flexibility 
  • Initiative
  • Ability to communicate what is working and what isn’t and to give and receive critical and thought-provoking feedback
  • Collaborative nature
  • Patience 

More information: angelicavillage.org

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